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LawConnect Shared Items Window and Latest Features

June 20, 2022


Introducing the Shared Items Window in LawConnect.This new feature is accessible from either a firm or matter level, and gives you complete control over all items shared through LawConnect. The shared items window also includes a built-in search and filter functionality, making it easier than ever to navigate shared items in one place.

  • Users will be able to quickly access all LawConnect shared items from the LEAP Menu.

  • Go to LEAP Menu > Home > Matters > select View LawConnect Shared Items


Once the shared items window is open, users can:

  • Search for a particular item by surname or file name

  • Filter items by type, status, or shared by

  • Order items by matter, type, item shared by, shared with, or last shared

  • Click an item to preview it further in the document viewer. Users can view, create, or reply to comments in this viewer

  • Click the details tab to view item information as well as previous versions

  • Right-click an item to access other options such as download, edit in Word, open matter, view all in matter, manage access and revoke access


Benefits of these new features:

  • Complete control and increased security: Unlike email, lawyers have an overview of all items shared with their clients and colleagues. Lawyers can immediately see who has viewed or shared the items and revoke access to these items at any time, if required.

  • Increased visibility: Each item’s status is instantly visible, resulting in greater transparency for lawyers and adds accountability for clients.

  • Saves time and increases productivity: The ability to search and navigate shared items in one place significantly reduces back and forth communication between lawyers and their clients, thus saving time.

  • Enhanced user experience: The refreshed look results in a more streamlined layout and more intuitive features, designed to save lawyers valuable time while increasing engagement with the LawConnect product.


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