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4 simple steps to produce high quality, interactive invoices

November 7, 2022

4 simple steps to produce high quality interactive invoices

Interactive Invoices can be produced from traditional time keeping and matter activity recording. This blog post will guide you through how to create and use Interactive Invoices regardless of which method of time entry you use.

If combined with our Matter Activity Recording feature, clients can interact with the invoice on any device and click on links to important documents contained in your invoice summary.

Here's how we've made it possible for clients to view and pay your invoices online in a few simple steps:

Step 1 - Setup your Interactive Invoice Templates:

You'll find this new feature under the LEAP Menu > Accounting > Invoice Template Builder

Here you can customise the invoice by selecting your template, styles and arrangement.

You can:

  • Add and remove sections to your invoice by selecting the section button.

  • Edit invoice total labels.

  • Edit invoice notice/disclaimer located at the bottom of invoice.

  • Wherever you see a pencil icon, you will have more editing options available when you click on that specific section (for example, editing the staff section and selecting the persons responsible to credit, as well as rearranging the order in which they'll appear on the invoice)

  • Rename your template at the top left hand side and select 'Save & Close'.

You can have multiple email templates and have the option to 'Set To Default', 'Archive', 'Duplicate' or 'Rename' a template from the main menu.

interactive invoicing

Step 2 - Creating Custom Invoice Summary Templates

You'll find this feature under the LEAP Menu > Accounting > Invoice Summary Templates

Set up custom Invoice Summary Templates that include various fields to minimise the administrative task of writing a summary from scratch. For traditional time recording, this promotes consistency in your firm and gives your clients a streamlined experience. For Matter Activity Recording, rather than going back to the correspondence pane to create a separate document or letter to accompany the invoice, you can do this directly from the summary template.

You can have multiple invoice templates that you can use in different situations, such as different payment terms or for certain matter types.

Once you've created an invoice template you should:

  • 'Enter new template name' on the bottom left.

  • 'Save & Close' and you'll be able to apply your invoice summary to an invoice.

There's no limit to the number of standard Invoice Summary Templates you can add.

interactive invoicing

Step 3 - Produce your Invoice and select relevant Summary Template

  • Click on 'New Invoice' from either the Time & Fees/Office Accounting panels from within your LEAP matter.

  • To the right of the Tax Invoice tab, a new tab will appear, the Invoice Summary tab.

  • From the library of templates, select the relevant template for the bill you're creating.

  • If using the invoice with Matter Activity Recording, you'll see the important activities on the right. This provides you with the ability to insert links to important documents created in this period. This enables you to convey the real value of the work that was done in a way that your clients can understand.

Step 4 - Preview Invoice & share with your client

This preview option is available for you to see what the invoice will look like from the client's perspective once they receive it via email.

  • After previewing the invoice, click 'Save & Close' and select 'Share'.

  • Complete the client's email address or select from the list

  • Select the Access options.

  • Share securely with your client.

  • The email to your client will be sent from you, allowing it to be personalised and familiar for your client.

The invoice displays seamlessly with the summary template, links to the documents attached, and the option for the client to Pay Online or View Invoice.

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