An update on the national enforcement scheme and domestic violence leave

In the wake of White Ribbon Night last weekend, LEAP’s National Marketing Manager, Claire James sat down with Brad Watts to discuss existing laws around domestic violence across Australian states.

Brad is a Senior Consultant & Editor at By Lawyers, with access to a wealth of information on various important areas of Australian law.

In the below podcast, Brad discusses two major legislative changes specifically relating to Domestic Violence Orders and employment law.


CJ: Hi I’m Claire from LEAP Australia. Last weekend was White Ribbon Night, with thousands of community-based events showing a commitment to reduce violence against women across Australia, so I thought it was topical to speak to Brad Watts, lawyer and Editor at By Lawyers, about the laws relating to Domestic Violence across Australia. Welcome Brad!

BW: Hi Claire and thanks for the opportunity to discuss this really important area.

CJ: A pleasure. So, I understand there have been some significant recent developments in laws relating to domestic violence, across the country?

BW: That’s right. There are two major legislative changes, one relating to domestic violence orders and one relating to employment law.

CJ: Just before I get you to outline those changes, could I clear up the terminology? I have heard a few terms – Domestic Violence Order, Apprehended Violence Order, Restraining Order and Intervention Order. What’s the difference?

BW: So, preventative court orders which prohibit any behaviour are generally called Restraining Orders. There is legislation in all states of Australia which creates a special type of restraining order directed at preventing violent behaviour, both personal violence which might occur between two unrelated people, and domestic violence such as occurs between people in a family or other intimate relationships.

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