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Create compliant electronic court books in minutes

December 22, 2021

Bundle Pro

New to the LEAP Marketplace, BundlePro allows law firms to create professional, presentable, text searchable and cost-effective electronic PDF bundles in minutes, not hours.

Bundle ProHow does BundlePro benefit LEAP clients?

Simple and user friendly, BundlePro was designed specifically to integrate with LEAP to save you both time and money.

BundlePro reduces the labour intensive, time-consuming and resource-heavy task of preparing court books. This web-based software makes it easy to automatically convert large volumes of documents into a single PDF, complete with an auto-generated paginated index, bookmarks, hyperlinks and a cover page.

Seamlessly integrated with LEAP, an automatic disbursement is generated for each bundle and saved back to the corresponding client’s ledger to ensure you recover any incurred expenses.

Preparing court books with BundlePro is up to 75% faster than traditional methods of court book bundling. With less time spent on preparing court books, you can rest assured knowing that your clients will be happier with billable hours owing.

"For years, law firms have produced their court books, briefs, and tender bundles manually. BundlePro will perform auto pagination, bates numbering and provide clients with an automatically generated index along with a bundle that is bookmarked and full text searchable."
- Susan Kratzer, Director of Customer Engagement at BundlePro

Bundle ProWhat are clients saying?

In just 10 months since launching earlier this year, over 2600 users wordwide have bundled over 3,000,000 pages using BundlePro.

The ease of use and usability that BundlePro affords its users is the most common piece of feedback that the BundlePro team receive and is the driving force behind ongoing product development.

"We get feedback from clients who have moved from our competitors simply due to BundlePro's usability." - Susan Kratzer, Director of Customer Engagement at BundlePro

BundlePro's client-centric approach means that client feedback completely drives product innovation - so much so that version 2 of the software is 100% based on client feedback.

Bundle ProWhat's next from BundlePro?

BundlePro will shortly release V2.1 which will include features like redacting and annotations. This version of the software is due for release at the end of the year and will include a sharing portal - allowing clients to share their electronic bundles directly with the court, barrister and the other sides’ solicitor.

"The LEAP Marketplace exposure has played a huge part in our company's success." - Susan Kratzer, Director of Customer Engagement at BundlePro

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