At LEAP, our clients are at the centre of everything we do – and we know they are for you too. With all the good work you do for your clients, it’s time for your firm to be recognised. To show our support, LEAP is collaborating with FirmChecker and beaton for the Client Choice Awards 2021.

What are the Client Choice Awards?

The Client Choice Awards recognise firms in the Australasian professional services industry for providing exceptional client service. The awards are judged by those whose opinions matter most – your clients. No panels, no judges, no submissions. Just clients’ ratings meticulously and independently researched by beaton and FirmChecker.

“All clients who enter will receive a stream of world-class feedback from their clients. Plus, they’ll also have a chance at becoming a finalist or winner when the Awards are announced in March 2021.” – James Connelly, General Manager of Marketing at LEAP

The Awards provide an opportunity to boost your firm’s online presence, allow you to get valuable feedback from your clients, and gives you the chance to win one of the most prestigious awards in the Australasian professional services market. Thanks to LEAP’s partnership with FirmChecker, entering has never been easier, with complimentary entry (normally $297) available to all current LEAP clients.

The benefits of entering

Stand out from the crowd

Winning a Client Choice Award can significantly enhance your brand recognition and conversion rates with new clients. With competition in the legal and professional services markets in Australia growing by the day, being a finalist or winner in the Client Choice Awards 2021 is the perfect way to distinguish your firm from competitors.

Receive independent and valuable feedback

Regardless of your success in the Awards, client feedback and reviews carry great insight for any firm. Getting independent feedback and learning how your clients felt about your service can have a significant impact on your firm’s future growth. Feedback can be used to improve your client service and even measure your firm’s performance against industry benchmarks when it comes to client service.

Boost your firm’s digital presence

With COVID-19 increasingly forcing more practitioners and clients online, how you sell yourself and your services has never been more important. The prestige of having a Client Choice Award under your firm’s name online may be just what you need to get new clients through the front door.

How to enter

Entry can be completed in three steps:

1. Claim your FirmChecker profile
2. Customise your FirmChecker listing
3. Collect at least 30 reviews by 4 February 2021

“This partnership provides a great pathway for LEAP Clients to enter the Client Choice Awards. I am looking forward to seeing the success of this for not only LEAP Clients but for the legal community as a whole.” – Donna Broadley, CEO of LEAP Australia