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LEAP innovation recognised in AFR Most Innovative Companies List

October 12, 2020


LEAP Dev, the development arm responsible for creating LEAP's practice management software, has been announced as one of the Australian Financial Review's Most Innovative Companies for 2020.

Taking out 7th place, the award recognises LEAP's ongoing commitment to innovation. When COVID-19 hit in March, lawyers and law firms around Australia were faced with navigating unprecedented circumstances - working from home was just the tip of the iceberg.

"I'm very pleased to share that LEAP Dev has taken out 7th place in the AFR list of Most Innovative Companies for 2020. The Award really is a testament to the teams at LEAP Dev who are continually thinking and working outside the box to deliver a range of innovations to LEAP users. Innovation always has been and always will be the driving force behind everything we do."

Mark Burgess CEO, LEAP Dev

Key innovations quickly developed and made available in LEAP by LEAP Dev made operating a law firm from any location possible for over 44,200 LEAP users around the world. With innovations like integration with Microsoft Teams and Zoom quickly made available, LEAP users were able to easily make the transition to working from home, allowing them to continue collaborating on matters with colleagues and meeting with clients.

"LEAP Dev is making it easier for the legal profession to work from home and has developed Microsoft Teams and FaceTime integrations which allow lawyers to send links to documents or matters for peers to action via Teams or simply make a call via FaceTime which are all automatically saved and recorded to their electronic matter.

Further integrations with Apple Watch and Alexa Skill make time tracking simple and accurate. The company says LEAP Dev's innovation has made lawyer's transition to working remotely much simpler."

The Australian Financial Review

We're proud to say that LEAP is the first legal practice management to ever appear in the Awards. Our clients have always been at the heart of everything we do at LEAP, this is why we commit over $20 million (AUD) to research and development each year - so that our clients can have the best possible experience. The advent of COVID-19 restrictions were no exception to this - the innovations deployed by LEAP Dev allowed LEAP users to make a smooth transition to remote working and once again, affirmed the ability to work anywhere, at any time with LEAP.

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