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Accurately record activity and bill with confidence

August 8, 2022


Whether it be time spent reading emails, or taking phone calls & accurately capturing the time you've spent working on matters is crucial to operating a productive and profitable law firm.

LEAP takes time recording one step further with it's latest innovation, Matter Activity Recording.

What is Matter Activity Recording?

Matter Activity Recording revolutionises the way law firms can record time and bill their clients. With this new feature in LEAP, you can accurately record your activity in the background as you work. This allows you to present your clients with an interactive invoice that demonstrates the true value of your legal work.

Activity recording records time on documents, pdfs, emails, appointments and Excel spreadsheets removing the need for your fee earners to start and stop a timer to manually monitor time.

Between phone calls, email correspondence, client meetings, court visits, and all other daily activities that your typical legal practitioner may encounter, it can be easy to forget to press the start button on the time recorder; so it goes without saying that leaving the task of recording billable time to your practice management technology allows for far greater accuracy.


You have complete control

With a new 'billable' toggle on most of the integrations launched from your LEAP matter, you can select whether or not you want activity to be recorded on:

  • Word Documents

  • Emails

  • PDF's

  • Calendar and Tasks

  • Phone calls (mobile app)

  • Integrated apps such as InfoTrack and By Lawyers


The Matter Activity Variance Report

The Matter Activity Variance Report compares the total hours entered manually by fee earners at your firm, against what MAR has captured in the background. In doing so, the data highlights just how many uncaptured hours of billable work your firm is performing. The Variance Report gives a level of transparency to the work actually performed and the value of the work not recorded that you have not had previously.

The MAR Report offers tremendous value to your firm in demonstrating how Matter Activity Recording will produce far more accurate time recording when it's switched on.

Run a MAR Report in LEAP:

  • Reports> Management > Matter Activity Recording > Matter Activity Recording, Time Entered and Fixed Fee Hours Variance Report

  • Select the time period for which you would like to run the report.

  • The report is broken up into two different areas: Time Recorder Matters and Fixed Fee Matters. It will show you the difference between manual time entries and what MAR has tracked in the background. The variance is between manual and activity recorded entries will give you a clear indication of where problem areas are within fee earners.


Invoice Summary Template

In addition to Matter Activity Recording, you can customise and add your own Invoice Summary templates when sending an Interactive Invoice to your client. Firms can set up as many or as little Invoice Summary templates and access them via a drop down menu before starting the set up of the invoice.

Find this feature under LEAP Home Menu > Accounts > Invoice Summary Templates.


Get paid fast

With LawConnect's Interactive Invoicing & RapidPay's online payment system, firms will be able to provide clients with great quality and easy-to-understand bills.

You'll save time by creating your own custom Invoice summary templates to use as cover letters and re-use for all matters before you share the invoice with your client.

Your clients will be able to view a detailed summary with links to important documents you've created for them. Clients also have the ability to pay their bill online using any of the various payment options or instalment plans provided through RapidPay.


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