Given the seemingly never-ending list of non-billable tasks that come with operating a law firm, it’s easy to feel like you’ve got enough on your plate or that your clients are satisfied with the service you provide. This complacency can very quickly start to threaten the relationships you’ve built and nurtured with your clients. As a result, customer relationship management (CRM) can slowly begin to fall behind on your list of priorities. Investing in a legal CRM system can go a long way to helping with this.

Why is legal CRM important for law firms?

Put simply, it is pivotal to a business’ long term profitability. Salesforce, the world’s most trusted CRM platform, defines CRM as a technology for managing your company’s relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers. CRM helps businesses build a relationship with their customers that, in turn, creates loyalty and customer retention, according to Forbes. Since customer loyalty has such an impact on a company’s revenue, your clients’ satisfaction with the service you provide will either make or break your firms’ potential for long term profitability. Legal CRM software allows you to simultaneously serve your clients and manage your firm – without adding to that endless list of non-billable tasks.

Here are five reasons why it’s time for your firm to invest in legal CRM technology.

1. You’ll get to know your firm

Measuring the performance of your firm is vital. Knowing where your firm is excelling or under-performing reveals opportunities to make the changes necessary to get back on to the path to profitability. With legal CRM software, you can see how your firm is performing in all areas of client service.

The LEAP CRM forms part of the Web Portal, allowing you to easily view key performance indicators for your law firm such as enquiries, appointments, intake forms and referrals. These metrics are conveniently displayed on the dedicated CRM dashboard – the place to go to analyse and track all your interactions with existing and prospective clients.

2. You can capture new business

Capturing new clients in a highly saturated professional services market can be very difficult – especially when prospective clients don’t exactly know what they’re looking for.

You may often find yourself wondering how you can make your firm stand out – how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. Maintaining a superior level of client service should not be overlooked. It is essentially free marketing for your firm.

Nurturing each of your client relationships has a twofold effect. Firstly, it encourages repeat business, so you’ll be more likely to see your clients return to you for assistance. Secondly, it increases the likelihood that clients will also refer friends and family to your firm. Good word of mouth is imperative in the current market.

Through the Web Portal, your clients can easily refer their friends and family members to your firm through the dedicated referrals form. The information they provide in this form filters directly into your referrals tab in the LEAP CRM, allowing you to follow up on the referral, contact the potential client and secure new business for your firm. Importantly, this metric allows you to truly see the value of good word of mouth.

Using the LEAP CRM, you can easily view all of the enquiries and referrals lodged via your Web Portal. With the ability to view the details of each individual enquiry or referral form as soon as they’re submitted, you have everything you need to readily contact prospective clients, offer your services and book an appointment.

3. You can manage your time more effectively

Staying organised can be difficult, especially if you and your staff are working from home. Amidst the busyness of working remotely, it’s easy to forget to enter an appointment in your Outlook calendar or even miss that 15 minute reminder prior to an appointment. Needing to amend, reschedule or postpone an appointment with a client due to poor organisation is never seen favourably by clients.

Having all your upcoming appointments visible to you and your staff, in one shared location is invaluable to your client service. With the LEAP CRM, you can view all of your upcoming appointments along with all the essential details of the client you are meeting with. Similarly, your clients have the luxury of seeing your firm’s available time slots when booking an appointment on your Web Portal, eliminating the need to go back and forth as you try to find a suitable time for both parties. Moreover, the LEAP CRM allows you to send appointment reminder emails to your clients at the click of a button so they’ll never miss an appointment.

4. Your non-billable workload will be reduced

It’s time to let your CRM do the work. With CRM technology, you can reduce the time you spend on mundane admin tasks that you cannot bill your client for. Instead, you can spend more time on productive, billable tasks.

For innovative start-up firm Legalite, the LEAP CRM has allowed them to streamline their client communications – “LEAP has enabled us to transform the client experience by allowing us to use technology to answer client queries easily”, said Marianne Marchesi, founder of Legalite.

Covering all touch points of interaction with current and prospective clients, the LEAP CRM acts as your administrative assistant. The LEAP CRM will notify you when you have received new enquiries, intake forms, appointments and referrals. Importantly, the information you collect from your clients through online intake forms on your Web Portal allows clients to provide their details at a time and place that suits them. This gives you more time to get to know your clients in their first appointment rather than monopolising the limited time with admin. This goes a long way in demonstrating the value of your services to your clients.

5. You’ll be able to make informed decisions

Growth should always be at the forefront of your firms strategic plan – but where do you start? By knowing your business and what your clients want, you can make informed decisions about the future of your firm as a business. Looking at your firm and your performance might make you think about what services you should offer, what services you should market, identify opportunities to take on new clients in certain areas, and identify opportunities to expand your practice. For example, you may see that your family law enquiries are steadily increasing month on month. As a result, you may need to consider expanding this area of your practice to meet that demand. The insights provided by the LEAP CRM can help to establish a better picture of where you’re at and which direction your firm should move in.

In your LEAP CRM dashboard, you can see what your clients are predominantly using your firms services for. This may inspire you to market your fim’s specialisation as a point of differentiation. To make it easier for potential clients to find your firm, you may wish to even improve your SEO (search enginge optimisation) with keywords that align with your area of specialisation or expertise based off your CRM insights.

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