With flexible working conditions being increasingly adopted across the profession, the four walls of the office are rapidly eroding around us.

While we may not be tied to our desks, we are still putting in time on our commutes, at home and on the road. The need to not only be productive in the office but out of the office has become imperative.

To help you make the most of your out of office hours, we’ve compiled our top three tips to keep you working efficiently, wherever you may be.

1. Don’t limit time recording to the office

Billable time is easily missed if you’re meeting with clients outside the office or briefly working on tasks during your commute. A missed 10 minutes here and 15 minutes there can quickly add up, inadvertently reducing your billable time for a matter.

Although it’s easy to leave the recording of billable time until you’re back in the office, it’s even easier to record while you’re working, regardless of where you are. The LEAP Mobile app’s timer lets your record time spent working on matters, correspondence or making calls. Time entries are uploaded to the relevant matter and synced with LEAP on your computer. Your time entries can even be edited and adjusted directly from the app, limiting the number of tasks on your “to do later” list.

2. Eliminate unnecessary correspondence

There’s an easier way to check if a client or colleague has viewed, signed or amended a document than following up with countless e-mails or phone calls.

LEAP’s seamless integration with LawConnect lets you securely share documents with clients and other parties directly from your LEAP matter. You can collaborate, comment and reply on documents in real-time, making it ideal for reviewing and refining documents without back and forth e-mails. LawConnect also gives you complete control over the documents you share, letting you revoke access or track who’s viewed a document at any time.

If you’re a LEAP user, LawConnect is free to use and utilises your existing LEAP username and password.

3. Stop chasing unpaid invoices

Why spend time following up on invoices at the conclusion of a matter when you could be recording more billable time?

The days of chasing invoices are finally coming to an end. By offering your clients flexible payment options, you can help your clients easily pay off their outstanding matter balances and maintain healthy cash flow.

Providing flexible options like instalment plans can give you peace of mind that you’ll be paid both swiftly and securely. Instalment plans can be customised, allowing you to select the amount, frequency and period of plans. LEAP’s convenient integration with RapidPay gives you more time to focus on billable tasks with transactions automatically recorded against corresponding LEAP matters.

Integrating RapidPay with LEAP to offer flexible payment options is one way you can start to take back your time. Establishing instalment plans is a great way to minimise time spent on administrative tasks – time that is likely already limited if you’re working during your commute or outside of business hours.

Learn more about instalment plans

Working on matters and meeting with clients out of the office and on the run has become the norm, rather than the exception. We hope that these three tips can help you make the most of your time while you’re away from your desk.