Self service technology designed for your clients


About the LEAP Web Portal

The LEAP Web Portal (formerly Zaliet Web Portal) has been helping law firms and their clients for over ten years. This is the one place where your current and prospective clients can communicate and collaborate with your firm, 24/7.

The transition to LEAP Web Portal was done to maximise the efficiency of the integration with LEAP. This integration provides lawyers with the ability to import client details into LEAP with the click of a button. This allows you to enhance your existing client experience and get started on new client work instantly.

  • Detailed intake forms - streamline your data entry and reduce non-billable time with online intake forms and import the details directly to LEAP as a Matter.
  • Flexible payments - offer clients flexible payment plans across a variety of payment forms. Clients can pay by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and UnionPay.
  • Secure document sharing - your Web Portal integrates with LEAP to securely share highly confidential documents and private information.
  • Online appointments - make requesting an appointment easy with real-time availability displayed 24/7.
  • LEAP CRM - track and manage your enquiries 24/7. Don’t miss out on potential work with your LEAP CRM allowing easy management of prospective clients.

Let your LEAP CRM do the work

From your LEAP CRM you can track and manage prospective clients from first enquiry to initiating a Matter in LEAP. Once you have assessed the enquiry you can instantly create a Card in LEAP using the enquiry information.

Confidently share confidential documents

LawConnect provides a secure environment for real-time collaboration with clients. With the security of Amazon Web Services, you can see if a client has viewed a document, access shared documents and revoke access if required.

Streamline client on-boarding

Allow clients to complete their intake form online, including key details about the Matter. Details import directly into LEAP as a Matter. This helps streamline your workflow and reduce expensive non-billable time.

Provide superior client service

Deliver 24/7 service to clients where they can request appointments, complete intake forms, pay invoices, access shared documents and view price lists in one place, from any device.

The Web Portal is your 24/7 online assistant