A freelance bookkeeper led the way for change at six law firms—and never looked back

Bookkeepers have immense skill in providing essential services to underpin the accounting credibility of an entire business. A Perth-based bookkeeper effortlessly runs the books for law firms which provide bookkeeping services to the commercial, litigation, finance, succession, and energy and resources industries. This freelance bookkeeper explains how generating bills now requires only a quarter of the time.

Billing was not working

Michelle Richards, a freelance bookkeeper at Richer Returns, works with several small law firms in Perth and the surrounding region.

Months of tedious pre-viewing and generating bills with a system that relied heavily on manual intervention led Michelle to investigate a better solution. At this time, Michelle was working for six firms and she realised that all firms were experiencing the same timely process to generate bills. It was tiresome and exhaustive. The challenge for Michelle became more complex as she came to realise that her clients would need to change to a better solution, and that moving forward she would need to determine her own needs in addition to the needs of her clients.

Michelle’s journey to select technology that would reduce billing time would involve the partners and executives at the firms where she consulted. Michelle concluded that a solution should serve all areas of the practice, in one system that includes:

  • Extensive capabilities across all business operations
  • The correct structure for bookkeeping and accounting functions
  • Technology which created opportunities for saving time
  • Time recording tools available easily for fee earners
  • End-to-end processes for staff to track every dollar spent and billed
  • Easily generated pre-billing reports
  • Accurate calculations to ensure error-free invoices
  • Full reporting and synchronisation to MYOB or Xero.

Choosing the right system was crucial to not only Michelle, but to the firms who she worked with. Improved productivity was the required outcome and getting this right was critical.

Solution – smarter software

Michelle identified gaps in the current software she was using. She realised that she needed a full practice management platform which would integrate client data with the accounting side of the business.

Michelle decided that these benefits were required in the new system:

  • Clever software that saves time to generate pre-bills
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Cloud technology with secure handling of documents
  • Interaction with MYOB with full recording capabilities
  • Accuracy
  • Reporting for debtors, prebills, WIP, receipts; with the option of scheduling
  • Working remotely – via an App, to enable lawyers to log time spent working on matters.

Michelle researched the options and decided that LEAP was the only practice management platform that would support the accounting needs of her clients.

For more information on LEAP’s accounting features click here.