LEAP Mobile App for Lawyers

LEAP Mobile enables you to manage all your matters from the palm of your hand.
Work collaboratively whenever and wherever your practice takes you.

Latest mobile innovation from LEAP – Scan, Save and Share!

Use LEAP Mobile to scan, save and share documents at the tap of a button. Simply take a photo of the document with your mobile device, crop the image and save it to a matter. LEAP Mobile is included as a fully integrated component of the desktop software.

Click the steps below for a demonstration in the screen to your left.

Step 1

Sign in and locate your matter.

Step 2

Scan selected document.

Step 3

Save your scanned document.

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  • Access matter details including all matter correspondence
  • Download and view all matter correspondence in offline mode
  • Access matters and cards faster from Spotlight Search
  • Make calls directly from the matter
  • Automatically record time on outgoing phone calls
  • Send emails and forward documents
  • View critical dates and tasks
  • Free data storage included
  • Find contact details for all parties on any matter
  • View locations details for your appointments with integrated maps
  • Check your office and trust account matter ledgers
  • Create, edit and view time entries, fixed fees and cost recoveries
  • Use voice recognition to dictate time entries, fixed fees and cost recoveries
  • Time entries, fixed fees and cost recoveries are instantly synced to LEAP Desktop
  • Use voice recognition to create emails*
  • Quick actions with 3D Touch*
  • Verify personal details with IDfy*
  • Scan, save and share PDF documents*
  • Send a pre-written SMS directly from the matter to your iPhone*
  • Access matters faster and more securely with Touch ID*
  • Share files with LEAP and save them to your matter*
  • Quick actions available before opening a matter*
  • Easily view matter details and correspondence in the same window*

* Features only available for iOS users.