We focus on just one thing,
the needs of law firms.

Richard Hugo-Hamman

Executive Chairman

"We have found that there are four great challenges facing lawyers in law firms; these are the ability to:

  • consistently deliver quality legal advice and services;
  • enjoy legal practice more with less stress;
  • generate sufficient working capital to grow the firm;
  • make a profitable business that will have value in the future.

Most lawyers in law firms want to help people (people like you and me) when in need and it is difficult to balance clients’ needs with the demands of running a business. The business side of things always suffers. LEAP redresses this imbalance.

For more than 20 years we have constantly researched the needs of lawyers in firms and designed great solutions to help them. We have found that the challenges are very similar in all countries. The human needs of clients are the same after all.

We continue to invest in a cycle of continuous innovation designing and developing solutions that take advantage of the latest technologies to bring costs down, and which are remarkably practical and natural to use for anyone familiar with the operations of law firms.

No matter what your involvement in a law firm is, I invite you to make contact with me directly, I will always be happy to take your call or exchange correspondence."

Bobbi Young

Chief Executive Officer

"Our sole focus is on the needs of law firms.

Our people have vast experience working with law firms so we understand your needs and challenges.

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is visiting clients. It is very satisfying to see a client using the software well and getting the benefits of using LEAP. Client feedback is important to us and we always encourage new ideas and suggestions so that we can make our products the best on the market! Of course if you are ever near our office please pop in - we would love to see you."

Jon Wright

Chief Finance Officer

"It is the finance departments job to ensure that the integrity of all of our clients financial dealings with LEAP is maintained at the highest level. The role of CFO is to drive LEAP’s financial planning, risk management and reporting, ensuring that all financial activities result in LEAP achieving it’s financial goals. We are responsible for looking after our clients accounts and ensuring that when a client has a query in relation to their account that they are dealt with in a professional and timely manner.

Decisions made within a business can quite often impact the clients of the business we endeavour to make any such impact positive for our clients.

My position as CFO entails managing the finance function of the LEAP group. This includes managing the finance department and having overall financial control and financial reporting responsibility for LEAP."

Alexandra Kelly

LEAP AU Content General Manager

"I am passionate about ensuring law firms have access to the best automated legal forms and precedents in Australia!

Our LEAP Content Team are a highly dedicated and experienced group of experts who ensure that more than 6,000 automated legal forms across Australia are constantly improved and updated for our clients.

I also have executive responsibility for ensuring our clients are benefitting from LEAP’s integration with By Lawyers Guides and Precedents. There are over 15,000 precedents available with By Lawyers, which are now used by over 4,000 firms daily!

If you want to talk forms and precedents, get in contact with me.

Tina Shergold

Enterprise Client Division Manager

"As the Enterprise Client Manager, it is my responsibility to ensure a smooth and stress free transition to LEAP for firms 12 to 100 users.

I manage a team of highly focused and passionate people who can assist you in your discovery of LEAP from requirements analysis through to delivery.

At LEAP we are committed to developing innovative technology to assist law firms in growing their practice.

Please contact me to learn more about the Enterprise Division at LEAP."

Bríd Heffernan

New Business Sales Manager

"Having practiced as a lawyer and managed a law firm I have an appreciation of how LEAP can really help small law firms. Myself and my team visit firms every day to demonstrate how LEAP can help improve efficiency and increase profit.

LEAP clients have a competitive advantage over firms who don’t use LEAP, and we love revisiting our firms to see how well they are doing since transitioning to LEAP. We are also passionate about assisting law firm start-ups.

To arrange an obligation free demonstration right to your door, fill out this short form online.

Yvette Kulish

National Client Manager

"We speak to clients daily.

If you use LEAP there are always opportunities for improvement. Sometimes these are in areas of the software that a client may have overlooked or forgotten about. At other times there are new modules or new add-on products that can help boost practice efficiency. My team are ready to help and demonstrate these new capabilities.

It is very satisfying to see a client using the software well and getting the benefits of using LEAP."

Megan Purcell

Operations Manager

"As Operations Manager, my dual focus is leading the HelpDesk Team in providing our clients’ with an excellent service experience and to maintain strong relationships with our clients.

To ensure LEAP succeed in delivering first class service to our clients, we continually invest in the training and development of our HelpDesk team, but we also like to get out there and meet our clients. It is very important for our clients to meet the people who are helping them on a daily basis. I would have to say, this is my favourite part of the job."

Michael Jones

Transitions Manager

"As the Transitions Manager, I manage a team of experienced software specialists and Transitions Coaches, on a range of legal software packages. We manage the full process of liaising with clients, setting expectations, extracting data, converting it into the LEAP product range and ensuring our clients are getting the most out of LEAP."

Melissa Whyms

Partner Network Manager

"As the LEAP Partner Network Manager, I am responsible for LEAP’s ongoing relationship with our Certified Consultants and IT Partners to ensure our clients have access to the best guidance, support, and consulting services."

John Burgher

Marketing Manager

"My team works hard to provide the legal profession with intelligent, helpful and easy to find information that is relevant to legal practices wanting to make more money. Much like our software, LEAP's Marketing team are dedicated to innovation and providing the best possible experience lawyers can have with our brand.

After working in a variety of different industries, I can say without a doubt that the team at LEAP are 100% committed to the people they work with, the industry and our clients."

David Greenhough

Director - LEAP SA & WA

"As director for LEAP SA and WA I am responsible for the operations in SA, NT and WA. My sales and client relationships teams work hard every day to ensure that law firms are able to utilise the features and functionality that LEAP brings to a firm, to work more effectively, achieving greater efficiency and profitability.

We are here to help.”

Trish Dixon

People and Culture Manager

"As the People and Culture Manager at LEAP, my primary responsibility is to drive the culture at LEAP and instil our values in our everyday working lives.

We care about what we do and the people we work with – this is the foundation that LEAP is built on.

With over 10 years’ experience in Recruitment and HR, I am driven to find the best talent out there for LEAP!

At LEAP, people truly matter the most – from our employees right through to our clients.

If you are interested in becoming a LEAPster, get in contact with me."