Online Document Management for your clients!

What is LawConnect?

LawConnect is a cloud based Document Management System for your clients that integrates seamlessly with LEAP.

With LawConnect, it is easy for you to share documents between clients and third parties, directly from your LEAP electronic matter. LawConnect lets you instantly see if a shared document has been read. Plus, you can revoke access to a document with absolute certainty.

With LawConnect, you can provide your clients with a more organised and secure service, as well as give your firm a competitive edge.


How Can LawConnect Benefit Your Firm?

  • An Alternative to Email
    Documents shared via LawConnect can only be accessed via invitation. No more sending to wrong parties by mistake.
  • Security
    All documents are safely stored in the same secure facilities as your LEAP data. Your documents are kept as safe and secure as possible.
  • Efficiency
    This Direct lawyer-client file integration means you can be more efficient and productive without compromising security.
  • Transparency
    In LawConnect, all parties can view the same version of a document, so you can see instantly whether a client has opened a document or not.
  • Mobility
    Storing your document with LawConnect means you have access to your documents anywhere, any time.
  • Competitive Edge
    Providing a quicker, more secure and transparent service to your clients offers your law firm a competitive edge like no other.

To learn more about how LawConnect can assist your firm, read our whitepaper, Transforming Client Communication