Time Recording

Record your billable time with more accuracy and less effort, directly from a matter.

Capture every minute: Never miss a minute of your billable time. LEAP offers a range of time recording tools so you can easily and quickly record your billable time within seconds.

Record time for a new client: With LEAP, you will never miss a billable minute with a first time client. You can start recording time from the initial contact, then later allocate it to the relevant matter, once you create the matter.

View critical information whilst time recording: View all information needed to consult with your client on one screen. Both the timesheet and the client's critical information is on display, right in front of you.

Monitor your daily budget: Stay on track of your own and your staff's daily budgets with LEAP’s Timesheets.

Available on LEAP Mobile: With the FREE LEAP Mobile application you can create, edit and view time entries and fixed fees, use voice recognition to dictate your time entries and automatically record time on outgoing phone calls. All time entries automatically synchronise to your desktop Timesheet.

Time Recording | LEAP Legal Practice Management Software

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