by Richard Hugo-Hamman

5 Big Threats Facing Small Law Firms Today

It is often forgotten by the media that most people and small businesses rely on small law firms when they need legal help. The fascination that main stream media has with big law firms distorts the common view of the profession which consists largely of lawyers in firms of about 4.5 people, helping people. In fact, even in a state like New South Wales which has most of the large law firms, an astonishing 87% of law firms are sole practitioner firms, some working alone, others with two or three people helping, and with 52.3% of lawyers admitted in the last 10 years, it is a young profession.

Without the resources of large firms, these business owners must be versatile and resourceful. Apart from meeting client needs they need to be a Financial Controller, HR Manager and IT specialist rolled into one.

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5 Big Threats Facing Small Law Firms Today