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Learn how LEAP can help you overcome challenges affecting your law firm.

4 Ways to Ensure a Successful Switch to a Modern Solution

If you’re thinking of changing your firm’s practice management system, don’t underestimate the importance of a smooth transition throughout the implementation process.

Download this whitepaper to learn how to facilitate a successful, stress-free switch.


4 Powerful Technologies Transforming Client Communication

Over the last 30 years technology, and how we communicate, has evolved and as a result client expectations are naturally changing. This whitepaper explores 4 major technologies which have transformed client communication.


How to Protect Your Firm’s Data When Upgrading Your Practice Management Software

Transitioning to a new software system doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn how LEAP protects and migrates your data, making switching to LEAP a stress free experience.


Simplify Your IT

Advances in technology have significantly changed how and where we work. Flexibility, choice, and mobility have become essential to modern day to day life. Read our whitepaper to discover how you can better utilise technology to work more efficiently in your firm and save money.


Create Long-Term Business Growth by Staying Ahead of the Curve

This whitepaper discusses the Sigmoid Curve in relation to maintaining consistent growth in law firms, and covers 5 LEAP innovations that can help your firm initiate a new growth curve.


The 5 Big Threats Facing Law Firms Today

Find out what the 5 biggest threats to law firms are, so your firm can become more versatile, resourceful and efficient.


4 Ways to Reboot Your Law Firm

Ever wondered how you can work less hours a week and still increase the revenue of your law firm simultaneously? Effective modern technology is the most efficient way for law firms to create lasting positive change. Read about four critical things you can easily do, to make your firm more profitable.


Cloud Computing: A Practical Guide for Firms

Old systems and workplace setups could be holding your firm back. As technology grows and evolves, we need to change the way we work. Find out what more about cloud computing and how it works so you can access your firm’s data in a faster, more reliable and more mobile way.


Succession Planning and Organising Your Firms to Maximise Value

If you are the owner or co-owner of a law firm and have retirement or sale in mind, you will be thinking about value, and how it is going to be calculated. Let us assist you with organising your firm and boost its value for the future.