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Wiseman Lawyers

"Wiseman Lawyers have been massive fans of LEAP since our inception. Previously, once we locked the door each night, we had little to no access to files or information beyond the limited capabilities of remote access software.

With LEAP, every computer and device operates in real time, as if it was the primary work station. I can be sitting on the beach in Fiji doing the exact same work at the exact same speed on my laptop as my colleagues are at the same time on their desktops back in the office. LEAP is the firm foundation upon which the next phase of Wiseman Lawyers is being built.

If you are serious about running your law firm at its maximum capability, you need LEAP."

Andrew Wiseman Wiseman Lawyers

"I have used LEAP for over 15 years and it is without doubt an integral part of running an efficient and profitable business. LEAP holds all our data and retrieving documents for clients is effortless. LEAP is incredibly easy to use and continued improvements make it even more intuitive. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend LEAP to others."

Lambrini Dranganoudis Davis Legal Property

Port Hedland Lawyers

"I found that converting to LEAP in the cloud from LEAP Office is a really worthwhile process. The mobility it offers means I always have the most up to date matter information with me and available on my tablet, wherever I go. This reduces the amount of material I have to carry and eliminates the need to copy data over before I leave the office. Being in court, or elsewhere, is more comfortable knowing I have all the information at my fingertips."

Dr Richard Whitwell Port Hedland Lawyers

John de Mestre & Co

"What we love about LEAP Helpdesk is that you can log a support call and within a short period of time someone is walking you through the problem. It is quick, easy and very helpful."

Michael de Mestre John de Mestre & Co

Mackay Wales Law

"LEAP has positively impacted our business through increased productivity within the firm from junior staff level to principal level. LEAP increases the level of efficiency within the practice and assists with time management and reporting to managers. Also, knowing that there is a local HelpDesk team at LEAP is reassuring and of great assistance. All in all we are very happy with our choice."

Patrick Sutton Mackey Wales Law

Dwyer Lawyers

"We are very happy with LEAP. It has helped greatly with keeping track of time, billings and tasks. The people are always willing to listen and take suggestions on board and the mobile app is very useful when out of office."

Terry Dwyer Dwyer Lawyers

Molloy & Schrader

"When using LEAP Office we needed to keep a separate PC on site to act as a server, and then run updates every two months. This was time consuming as we do not have an IT expert in our firm. LEAP in the cloud solved that problem. Once we understood the level of security surrounding the LEAP servers we took the plunge and converted our data to LEAP in the cloud.

After over six months using LEAP in the cloud we have not had any problems and particularly like the integration of LEAP Documents and LEAP Accounting on the one client matter screen. LEAP in the cloud has cut down on the time spent by us on administration, freeing up more time to spend on client matters."

Neville Menlove Molloy and Schrader

Harvest Legal

"The ease with which I can record time, issue invoices and keep track of cost recoveries makes it worth every cent. My productivity has increased beyond my expectations and I am happy with the investment in LEAP."

Christine Oldmeadow Harvest Legal

Bartel & Hall

"Since the introduction of LEAP, our productivity has increased both in terms of turnover of files, and financial turnover."

Kym Bartel Bartel & Hall

Spencer Gulf Law

"LEAP Settlement Statements are user friendly, time friendly and so simple to adjust or alter at a later date. I would often spend an hour doing a Settlement Statement on our old system, now I can do one in a couple of minutes!"

Tanya Dunning Spencer Gulf Law

Rigg Conveyancing

"My practice has recently upgraded our legal practice management software from LEAP Documents 2003 to LEAP in the cloud and we are extremely pleased that we made this decision. We strongly recommend LEAP to anyone operating a legal practice.

Using LEAP has substantially increased our efficiency and being able to operate whilst out of the office with such ease has been incredibly advantageous."

Robert Rigg Rigg Conveyancing

Fourtree Lawyers

"I highly recommend LEAP legal software for legal practice management. It is a great tool which allows us to keep Fourtree Lawyers client files up to date and in pristine order. Keeping track of a matter is simple with emails, file notes, time management, correspondence and invoicing all seamlessly integrated. Support has always been timely and efficient with no question too big or too small. We can now keep track of our matters both in the office and on the run from our desktop, tablet or mobile phone. The time saving, cost efficiencies and professionalism the LEAP platform has afforded our firm is priceless."

Kevin Vierboom Fourtree Lawyers

Hollows Boonen

"I have been using LEAP Legal Software since 2009 and can’t imagine working as a lawyer without it. In addition to efficient time recording and billing features (which are also available on mobile phones, tables and laptops), the program also generates trust receipts, tax invoices and makes trust transfers in accordance with trust accounting rules and regulations. The cloud software means that I can access client files anywhere in the world- all I need is an internet connection!"

Natasha (Natassja) Hollows Hollow Boonen Lawyers

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