Your 8 Step Guide to Selecting the Right Practice Management Platform

Choose a technology solution for your law firm with confidence.

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This 8 Step Guide is your reference manual to lead you through the process of selecting the best practice management platform that will service your firm today and over the years ahead.

You will be guided through the complete steps, including:

  • Assessing your current systems
  • Selecting the most appropriate solution.
  • Evaluating your requirements.
  • After-sales transition and implementation plan.

The Guide covers the journey from start to end so you will have the confidence to move forward in your selection process.

Elias Farah

"LEAP helped me set-up my own firm so that I could run the practice smoothly from day one, I highly recommend it to anyone starting a firm."

Elias Farah from Commercial & Legal. Started his new law firm with LEAP.

Ian Donald

"I wanted to practice on my own, and with LEAP I'm able to do that."

Ian Donald from Ian Donald Solicitor. Started his new law firm with LEAP.