The Biggest Challenges Facing Small Law Firms | Industry Survey Results | LEAP Legal Software

LEAP recently surveyed more than 100 principals who are solo practitioners or have one employee, asking them to identify common challenges they face in the first few years of setting up a legal practice.

According to the research in the first year of operations:

  • 67% of firms complain about spending too much time on administrative tasks
  • 57% struggle with attracting new clients
  • 40% find it difficult to manage cash flow
  • 44% are not able to attain a healthy work-life balance

We understand as a legal practitioner, your main focus is on providing excellent legal services and it’s challenging to balance clients’ needs with the demands of running a small business. However, if the business side of things suffers, LEAP will redress this imbalance so you can focus on practicing law.

In just 30 minutes, we can show you how LEAP software can be customised to suit your firm’s needs, helping you deliver the right experiences to your clients while running an efficient and profitable business.

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