If you own a law firm, then there is a good chance that you are part of the 73% of Australian Principals who feels like financial revenue is a key metric for a successful legal practice.

Learn from Giles Watson, who is a legal coach that helps hundreds of small law firms across Australia to maximise profitability. Giles discusses strategies that Australian Law Firms can implement right now to start growing their profits today so you can focus on providing your clients with the best service while ensuring your business remains healthy.

This webinar provides insights and practical tips on how you can generate more profits for your own law firm.

This webinar will cover:

  • The top 5 areas where you might be leaking profits
  • The importance of communicating the value
  • 5 practical steps to grow your revenue today
  • Shake up your business model & operation

Presented by Giles Watson

Director and Consultant  - Giles Watson Pty Ltd

Giles Watson helps law practices realise their potential through coaching, consultancy and tailored professional development workshops. Giles guides firms on how to make customer experience their competitive advantage by focusing on the creation, delivery and communication of client value to drive organisational success.

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