How to Get Paid Paid Faster and Improve Cash Flow | LEAP Legal Software

Most lawyers enter the profession with the belief that most of their day will be consumed in the practice of law. However, they soon discover that a significant portion of their time is occupied by drafting costs agreements, invoices, bookkeeping and chasing up clients for overdue bills.

This whitepaper will cover:

  • What is cashflow management?
  • How to get clients with 60 to 90-days overdue invoices to pay?
  • When and how should your firm get paid?
  • How often should you bill clients and chase up overdue payments?
  • What are credit management and cashflow smoothing?
  • Is your payment data secure?

By adopting some simple low-cost solutions, not only will you increase the frequency of payments, but you will significantly improve your firm’s cashflow.

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