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It’s no secret that women struggle to achieve senior roles in law firms. While to-date, much of the discussion on gender parity has focussed on larger firms, LEAP recently convened a roundtable to discuss the common challenges facing women in small law firms, and what the industry should be doing to address and resolve these issues.

According to roundtable findings, a perceived ‘clash’ between work and family commitments is a key barrier to the advancement of female lawyers in senior roles from both an organisational and a female’s perspective.

This eBook will cover:

  • The current state of play in the Australian Small Law Industry
  • Perceived barriers to female empowerment
  • Top tips to take action and better empower women

This eBook is aimed at understanding the position of the Small Law industry on female empowerment by identifying the most commonly perceived barriers and considering the strategies that would lead to greater empowerment of women.

Our goal is to start the conversation on how to overcome the challenges to the advancement of women in the legal profession.

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