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Zaliet is a digital marketing agency that offers a full suite of online marketing and sales solutions for law firms. Over the past eight years they have successfully created thousands of law firm websites worldwide in all common areas of law.

Your law firm’s personality and the service you provide is what sets you apart from your competitors. Zaliet provides you with a website to reflect those unique qualities and help you stand out from the crowd. Combined with legal marketing tools and powerful add-ons you will be giving your clients a seamless online experience from beginning to end.

How does Zaliet work with LEAP?

Zaliet helps you attract clients and bring in business, while LEAP helps you manage clients and the business you have. Together, you have everything you need to run your law firm and make more money.

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Personalised law firm websites: Your website is designed to stand out from your competitors and is specific to your area of law.

Legal marketing tools to attract clients: Your website will be content-rich and search engine optimised to attract new clients and bring you more business.

Powerful and convenient add-ons: Zaliet seamlessly integrates with LawTap for easy appointment booking and Perfect Portal for quick conveyancing quotes. Give your clients the best online experience with Zaliet.

LEAP Legal Software Integrations | Zaliet

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