Equitrac - Gain control over cost recovery and document expenses

Equitrac Professional makes it easy for you to recover the cost of print, copy, fax, scan, email and other disbursements.

The seamless integration with LEAP means you can allocate each cost recovery transaction, against the corresponding matter in LEAP.

Benefits of using Equitrac:

  • Reduce costs, increase security and eliminate waste
  • Track, allocate and integrate all billable client expenses automatically
  • Add security and convenience with authentication to release print jobs
  • Enforce internal rules to reduce total print volume
  • Convert scanned documents to a searchable and editable format for improved archiving, discovery and productivity

For more information contact:
Derek Lawton
Professional Solutions Manager
Nuance Communications

Office: +61 2 9434 2340 | Mobile: +61 499 141 788

This add-on is available with LEAP Office.

Equitrac - Gain control over cost recovery and document expenses

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