How to protect your firm’s data when upgrading your practice management software

Published by Rachel Williams

How to protect your firm’s data when upgrading your practice management software

As the legal profession becomes increasingly automated, a quality practice management system is vital for you to remain competitive.

However, not all systems are created equal. Careful research into data management is important before making an upgrade. It’s no secret that data records for matters, clients, accounting ledgers, safe custody and document registers are invaluable to your firm.

When choosing practice management software, be sure to check how the system transitions your data and documents, manages data security, and accommodates system downtime.

When a data transition is handled effectively, you don’t need to fear data loss during transition to a new system. In fact, it’s more likely that data quality will improve, due to more sophisticated configuration in modern software.

If you’re ready to upgrade your firm’s practice management system, use these tips to handle the complexities of data transfer and security with ease.

Safe transfer of matter and accounting data

It’s vital to check that historical matter and accounting data is transferred and configured in a way that’s easy to use. LEAP’s data migration ensures data is set-up efficiently, so the process is stress-free.

Client and matter data
LEAP can migrate your firm’s electronic matters and client information from your existing CRM system. This can include transfer of information such as Outlook contacts, which will save your team hours of manual data entry.

Accounting data
There’s no margin for error when it comes to the integrity of accounting data. When migrating your data, the LEAP Conversions team checks for anomalies and ensures that:

  • Final balances in your old system reconcile with the opening balances in your new system.
  • All historical data is accessible in your new system.

A LEAP Partner Network certified accountant can work with your bookkeeper during software installation to ensure that insights gathered during data migration are implemented.

Retaining valuable documents and templates

Your firm’s knowledge is likely held in matter documents and templates. Bring them into LEAP to take your efficiency to the next level.

Matter Documents
When LEAP migrates your firm’s historical documents, they are automatically matched with the correct matter. Rest assured that you’ll have convenient access to all relevant documents; including emails, forms, and both scanned and faxed documents.

Document Templates
Import your firm’s existing document templates to LEAP with the support of a LEAP certified product consultant. This allows you to merge client and matter data with document templates to quickly and accurately create documents in a range of formats.

Data security in a modern cloud-based server

A local server in (or near) your firm may seem safe, but the frequency of back-ups and sophistication of security often falls short when compared to cloud-based alternatives.

To give clients peace of mind, LEAP Australia uses data centres that have third-party security certification and are hosted in Sydney. In all countries of operation, LEAP ensures that cloud data centres are onshore.

The data encryption software is the same that major banks and airlines use to back-up and protect client data. All LEAP data exchanged between workstation and server is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) data encryption. Anyone who feels confident banking online can enjoy the same level of security when using LEAP.

Software upgrades don’t always mean downtime

The speed and accuracy of data transfer is essential to your team’s productivity during a system upgrade. LEAP migrates all your historical data with purpose-built software, to make the process as fast and convenient as possible. In fact, data conversions will take five days or less, even when there are years of data to transfer and configure. When the process is complete, the system will be ready for entry of any data recorded while the migration was underway.

Last year alone, LEAP performed 700 data conversions for law firms. Globally, around three firms per day are converting their data to LEAP.

Improve the quality of your data when you upgrade to LEAP

LEAP offers data conversions that are more than a ‘copy and paste’ of your data. Data specialists dedicate time to mapping your previous system’s software fields with LEAP data fields. This ensures your data transfers across automatically into the correct fields, eliminating the need for manual data cleansing and updates. It can save your team days of manual data checking.

In addition, the specialist teams improve your data during the conversion by cleansing and normalising, so that it can be automatically merged into document templates.

The LEAP Conversions team

LEAP’s in-house data conversion program is operated by 26 LEAP data migration specialists across Australia, Scotland, England, Poland, America and the Philippines.

They have performed hundreds of electronic data conversions from over 64 software products, globally.

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