Tina Shergold

General Manager Professional Services

Tina provides guidance to all business units involved in onboarding new law firms to LEAP. Her obligations include directing multiple teams to facilitate the implementation program from analysis of requirements through to installation and delivery. Tina is accountable for ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition to LEAP for all new clients.

Tina has more than eighteen years’ experience in the legal software industry and has filled senior roles at leading technology companies in Australia. She consults to law firms of all sizes to improve business processes and implement change management. Tina is at the forefront of adopting new technologies to help law firms operate more efficiently. Prior to joining LEAP, Tina led the strategic development of product and brand vision across key business units at an Australian leading provider of legal information and solutions.

Ashleigh Kachel

Professional Services Delivery Manager

Ashleigh was first introduced to LEAP over 11 years ago and has extensive experience as a LEAP Consultant.

Ashleigh was recently appointed the Implementations Manager with over 5 years of experience working closely with LEAP Clients, Ashleigh understands the challenges that Law firms face daily and has extensive experience in delivering solutions that allow Law Firms to not only work more effectively but also work efficiently.

Romil Banker

Implementations Team Leader

Romil joined LEAP in 2011 as a Helpdesk Consultant before becoming a LEAP National Consultant. He went on to open his own business as an independent LEAP Certified Consultant before re-joining LEAP to use his extensive knowledge to train our internal staff.

Since returning, he’s now an integral part of the implementation team where he’s responsible for the installation, training and ongoing support for our LEAP clients.

He has successfully completed over 500 LEAP client installations and training sessions including troubleshooting, customisations and trust account bookkeeping. He believes that providing the best customer service means more than just installation and training. It involves understanding the needs of the client, tailoring training to best fit the firm’s requirements and building long-term relationships.

Romil's advice for clients:

"LEAP has a lot to offer and it is always good to keep an eye out for new features and updates. To learn more about LEAP and to maximise your investment you can go to LEAP Community

Diana Ambi

Implementation Consultant, NSW

Diana joined LEAP in 2016 as a HelpDesk Consultant for Leap Office v10 where she predominantly focused on accounting queries. As a credit to her success, she won the Operations Customer Service Award in the same year.

Using the customer expertise she developed on HelpDesk, Diana was asked to join the LEAP Cloud HelpDesk. She then quickly progressed to the New Client Care Team where she became a Subject Matter Expert and assisted new HelpDesk Consultants.

Diana joined the implementations team in 2018 with the knowledge and passion to always help and assist clients. Diana is experienced in remote installations and in providing remote initial and bookkeeper training for new clients across Australia. Diana is passionate about bookkeeping and happily provides advice to clients on LEAP best practice.

Diana's advice for clients:

"LEAP is an excellent program. Once you know how to use it, make the most out of it. Remember that you can always use our channels of support like HelpDesk, LiveChat and LEAP Community."
Nicholas Berry

Nicholas Berry

Implementation Consultant, QLD

Nicholas joined LEAP in early 2018 as the first Single-User Remote Installations Consultant. After using LEAP in various firms as a Law Clerk, Nicholas applies this first-hand knowledge to provide a practical approach to training. Now an Implementations Consultant, he seeks to provide his clients with the understanding they need to streamline their day-to-day processes.

With a heavy focus on business development and growth, Nicholas focuses on a ground-up approach to firm management. Always seeking to improve workflow, much of his training concentrates on creating efficient fee-earners and support staff by utilizing document and process automation. Employing the combined experience of working across a variety of legal sectors, and his time in the legal industry, Nicholas constantly searches for areas to improve LEAP usage. Be prepared to leave antiquated processes and documents behind!

Understanding that each firm is a unique combination of employee talents and experience, Nicholas is always happy to tailor his training to the needs of each client.

Nicholas' advice for clients:

"LEAP can make the difference between firm growth and firm stagnation. Ensuring that your staff are specifically trained to expedite their daily processes will always provide the highest return and improve staff satisfaction. Never be afraid to embrace progress and challenge the status quo."

Caitlin Cunningham

Implementation Consultant, NSW

Caitlin joined LEAP as a Helpdesk Consultant where she developed her skillset and knowledge in LEAP by supporting our clients and advising on best practice.

Caitlin has an approachable and positive nature which she applies to her role as an Implementation Consultant. She enjoys problem solving and is able to assist clients with her technical knowledge and customer service experience. She is an all-round legal workflow and LEAP Legal Software expert.

Caitlin's advice for clients:

"Take time to set up your LEAP and utilise the features we provide to create a seamless experience from start to finish of your LEAP matters."

Wendy McKeown

Implementation Consultant, VIC

Since joining LEAP in mid-2017, Wendy has implemented LEAP at over thirty firms of various sizes, in both firm’s without a practice management system, or transitioning from LEAP Office or other document management or accounting systems.

Wendy practised as a lawyer for two years using LEAP, mainly in the areas of property law and wills and estates and understands what it is like to practice and assist in an administrative capacity within a law firm.

After practising, Wendy moved into legal recruitment assisting firms of all sizes in the recruitment of support staff. This experience provided an understanding of how firms of varying sizes operate as well as the various roles of staff members within them.

Wendy’s advice for clients:

"Training is one of the best investments you can make for your firm. Ensuring your staff understand how to use the tools available to improve their efficiency and productivity is not only a valuable investment for your business, it will also help to improve their day-to- day experience at work and their wellbeing."

Megan Purcell

Implementation Consultant, NSW

Megan has been working at LEAP for nearly seven years in a variety of roles ranging from an Accounting Consultant through to managing the LEAP Helpdesk. During this time, Megan visited and spoke with many of our clients to hear about the challenges they face and how LEAP can help them.

Due to her experience working with many of our LEAP clients, Megan understands how law firms operate and her main goal is ensuring law firms are maximising their investment in LEAP.

With over three years’ experience as an Implementation Consultant, Megan has implemented LEAP in hundreds of law firms from single users to large law firms and provided training and assistance to thousands of users.

Megan has over twenty years’ experience in the legal profession and has worked for various law firms who have used LEAP. Her roles included working as an Office Manager where she was hands-on implementing LEAP.

Megan's advice for clients:

"The best way to maximise your investment in LEAP is to continue educating your staff and yourself.  LEAP is an evolving, extensive piece of software and there is always something new to learn. Even for the LEAP experts who have used it for years in law firms, there is always a new feature to learn.  With our newly-released training and services offerings, this is the ideal way to invest in continual training for your firm."

Danny Tran

Implementation Consultant - Accounting Specialist, NSW

Danny joined LEAP in 2017 as a Helpdesk Consultant. He was quickly recognised for his exceptional customer focus and excelled in providing accounting solutions to LEAP Clients. After seven months on Helpdesk, Danny was promoted to an Account Receivables Officer in Finance to assist the team with their billing systems upgrade.

While working with in the Finance Department, Danny realised that the installation and training of LEAP was absolutely crucial in ensuring that our clients could use LEAP to its full potential. Danny joined the Implementation Team in 2018 as an Implementation Consultant (Accounting Specialist) with the aim of delivering high quality and tailored installation and training. He focusses on improving workflow and creating efficient fee-earners and support staff. Danny’s top priority is to make the accounting process easy.

Wendy's advice for clients:

"Investing in LEAP training for your staff equals exponential growth of your firm"
Cameron Rogers

Cameron Rogers

Implementation Consultant, NSW

Cameron joined LEAP in May 2018, and has since gained experience as a Client Success Manager in NSW, visiting firms to ensure that they are getting the most out of LEAP to run their firm efficiently and effectively. Cameron joined the Implementations team in September 2018 as a Consultant to help firms transition to LEAP in multiple areas of law, and kick start their journey with LEAP.

Cameron has installed LEAP for a range of firms across Australia, and continues to provide ongoing support to the clients he has been responsible for installing.

Cameron's advice for clients:

"You and your employees are your greatest asset. Utilising LEAP to its full potential will give you and your team a tool to continue to provide a service to your clients that is second to none."

Marcus Whittington

Implementation Consultant, QLD

Marcus joined LEAP in September 2015 and since joining has held several roles including Client Success Manager in Queensland. In this role, Marcus visited many firms where his mission was to ensure they are getting the most out of their investment in LEAP and are fully aware of the features available. He has worked with law firms specialising in many areas of law, and his natural desire to help others is evident in his approach to his work.

As an Implementation Consultant, Marcus’ LEAP experience has proven pivotal to delivering many successful LEAP installations and training sessions.

Marcus' advice for clients:

"Make time for the monthly free training webinars. They are a fantastic way to learn about new features or deep-dive into more advanced features."