Capture new business

Don’t miss out on new business opportunities while you’re out of the office or working from home. Your LEAP CRM will capture and manage enquiries automatically online 24/7. At a time convenient for you, you can log in and view all your enquiries in one easy location, from any device.

Let your legal CRM do the work

From your LEAP Customer Relationship Management dashboard, you can track and manage prospective clients from first enquiry to initiating a Matter in LEAP. Once you have assessed the enquiry you can export these details and instantly create a Card in LEAP using the enquiry information.

LEAP CRM is your go-to platform for analysing and tracking all your interactions with prospective clients

Through the LEAP legal CRM, you can

  • Easily respond to new client enquiries with email templates.
  • Never miss an enquiry when you log all your prospective client calls and emails.
  • Update the status of enquiries so you know when to follow up.
  • Easily view all your enquiries from any device.
  • Create a card in LEAP with information provided in an enquiry.

These secure services are provided by the LEAP Web Portal, an Exclusive Integration with LEAP.

Legal CRM