NEW! Uniform Contract for
Sale of Business

LEAP now provides firms practicing Commercial Law an efficient way to create a Contract for Sale of Business.
This uniform document has been produced for use in all states.

Contract for Sale of Business


  • Uses uniform terms and conditions. All additions and variations are made in the transaction summary.
  • Suitable for use in most business sales in any state or territory.
  • Includes covenantors and guarantors of vendor and purchaser as parties for purposes of warranties, restraints and guarantees.
  • Even-handed treatment of vendor and purchaser.
  • Provides that any document attached to the contract negates any inconsistent pre-contract representation.
  • Suitable for franchise sales before approaching franchisor for consent.
  • Deals with amendment of PPSR using procedure intended by the PPS Act.
  • Deals with transfer of business names using new ASIC procedures.
  • Deals with transfer of domain names.
  • Provides options for cooling off and subject to finance to facilitate early exchange.
  • Provides for restraints prohibiting vendor from soliciting staff and competing online as well as a comprehensive cascading time and area restraint.
  • Includes a comprehensive checklist for completion.
  • Provides a comprehensive treatment of value of stock and unfinished goods and adjusts for GST consequences.