Give your law firm a competitive edge like no other by providing your clients a quicker, more secure and accurate service.

LawConnect is a secure document management system for law firms and their clients. It seamlessly integrates with LEAP.

As a cloud-based product, your clients’ documents are safely stored in an organised location which can be accessed from anywhere, any time.

Using LawConnect gives you better control over the documents you share. You can see if a client has viewed a document, you can access shared documents instantly and you can revoke access if necessary.

LawConnect provides a secure environment for your firm and your clients to collaborate in real-time. Any party with access to a document can comment and reply on it, making LawConnect ideal for reviewing and refining a document. All parties are kept up-to-date via email with any comments and replies left on a document.

Further uses for LawConnect:

  • Briefing Counsel – every brief with every document will always be available for the counsel that you brief;
  • Large files that exceed email limits are easily shared;
  • Due diligence documentation in commercial transactions.

Thousands of consumers use LawConnect to view the documents that their lawyers want to share with them.

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