About CallSmart

CallSmart was developed exclusively for law firms by Boab IT, the largest IT provider for law firms in Australia. It provides a smarter way for law firms to make and manage calls.

Benefits of using CallSmart

  • Automatic and accurate time recording - CallSmart keeps a record of all outgoing calls (including length of time). Simply enter call notes at the time of the call or return at a convenient time to ensure details are captured.
  • Simplify your billing and reporting - The information from your calls is automatically allocated to your matter ready to be included in the next invoice. If you don’t time bill, you can use Call History to track where you and your staff are spending valuable time.
  • Track calls from your landline or mobile - Initiate and track calls from your landline, mobile phone or any handset so you’re always tracking time even when you’re on the go.
  • Record your calls on demand - CallSmart Witness allows you to record your calls, taking away the need to remember details of the call. Once complete, recordings are automatically uploaded to your matter.

How does CallSmart work with LEAP?

CallSmart is used directly from LEAP meaning all the calls you make are automatically linked to the corresponding matter.

For more information

Find out more - boabit.com/callsmart-for-leap


Email: info@boabit.com.au
Phone: 1800 659 765

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