Cloud-based Legal Practice
Management Software

With LEAP, you can now work effectively,
from anywhere at any time.

How Can Cloud Technology Benefit Your Law Firm?

  • Complete Mobility
    Your data is securely stored in the cloud, so you can work from anywhere via your laptop, LEAP Mobile on your smartphone or the new LEAP iPad app.
  • No Need to Host Your Own Server
    By eliminating the need for a server in your office, you not only simplify your IT requirements but save money on support costs.
  • Highly Secure Data Storage
    Your data is securely stored in a world class data centre - the same as the big banks. Your data is protected by security and encryption protocols to guard against interception.
  • Secure Backups and Upgrades
    Your data is automatically backed up without you having to worry, eliminating disruption to your firm or any extra IT maintenance costs.
  • LEAP Mobile
    Manage all your matters, time record client calls, scan documents and email matter correspondence, from your smartphone or iPad.
  • Software Integration
    LEAP seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, Xero and MYOB AccountRight so you can easily merge your matter details into any document, precedent, form or email.
  • Content Updates
    All legal content automatically updated in LEAP, so every time you connect online, your information is
  • Staffing Opportunities
    Attract and retain the best staff possible with technology that lets you work efficiently and collaboratively, whether your team are locally or regionally based.
  • Offline Mode
    You can continue to use LEAP when you don’t have internet access.


Getting started with LEAP is easy, all you need is a workstation for each user and the ability to connect to the internet.

A workstation must have:

  • A Windows PC/Notebook
  • LEAP Practice Management Software must be installed
  • Microsoft Office installed (essential for document merging) and Microsoft Outlook (using an Exchange Server or POP3 account for email integration)
  • Either an active Xero or MYOB account
  • Local printer connection or connection using a network
  • An Internet connection (wired or 3G/4G)

For a more detailed explanation of what you need to get the most from LEAP, download the LEAP System Requirements.