Three key reasons Peta Stewart CPC chose LEAP

When looking for a practice management system, Peta wanted technology that would enable her and her team to work efficiently, offer a reliable service and keep all sensitive client information protected with the best security measures.

Choosing the right practice management system to support the firm’s core values and facilitate a more client-centric approach to working was integral to Peta’s success.

Peta Stewart relies on LEAP's centralised solution to fuel productivity and a client-centric experience for her clients

With LEAP, all your matter information is saved in one electronic file. For Peta and her team, this means that they can work more effectively knowing that all their correspondence and matter information is automatically saved in a single, secure and searchable location.

"Productivity is increased with LEAP’s ability to integrate with many other programs and have all work saved in one spot."

Using LEAP's range of up-to-date automated precedents, forms and templates, the team at Peta Stewart CPC quickly and accurately create documents using data merged from the electronic matter. This means that Peta and her team have been able to eliminate costly mistakes and save hours of valuable time on administrative work.

Having one electronic matter accessible in real-time from any location has improved team collaboration and boosted productivity within Peta’s practice.

"With LEAP, there is no double entry. Everything is on hand and right there for all my staff to access at the touch of a finger. It is especially important that my clients know that at any time, any one of my team has the answers and access to their file immediately."

LEAP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel and Adobe PDF so Peta can create automated legal documents in any format. Auto-populated data makes creating documents quick, accurate and stress-free.

"By LEAP seamlessly integrating with all the other programs we use it means there is no double data entry. This eliminates mistakes and increases productivity and workflow. It also means that everything is saved in one safe area."

Peta and her team operate with peace-of-mind knowing their clients’ confidential information is safe

Conveyancing practices have an ethical and professional responsibility to protect their clients’ data. Peta is keenly aware of the importance of proactively protecting her business through advanced technology and risk management procedures. This helps her to foster a sense of trust and reliability with her clients.

LEAP's cloud infrastructure is powered by Amazon Web Services. Combined with military-grade encryption, two-factor authentication and regular software upgrades, Peta enjoys a level of data security that is comparable to those required by the leading banks and airlines.

"To know that our clients’ data is stored in a safe cloud environment gives me great confidence. In this growing digital era, it is so important to have security for our clients’ confidential information and LEAP provides that security."

As a progressive and tech-savvy firm, the team at Peta Stewart have embraced the digital tools at their disposal to offer fully integrated online transactions and create faster results for their clients.

LEAP offers Peta Stewart CPC the flexibility to work efficiently anywhere, anytime

In a fast-paced environment, where client expectations are constantly rising, it is integral for legal practitioners to invest in technology that will not only facilitate greater efficiency within the firm but also help deliver quality outcomes for clients.

Peta chose to invest in LEAP’s technology because it enabled her to better manage her time and capitalise on every billable minute. As a cloud-based solution, boasting the best mobile tools, LEAP was able to accommodate Peta’s preferred way of working.

"LEAP has given me the ability to work anywhere, anytime. I can work from home, at the airport and even at the cafe."

As a busy professional, Peta relies on prompt support from the LEAP Support Team to ensure all her queries are answered in a timely manner with minimal interruption to her day. LEAP’s Australian-based help desk offers a variety of avenues to gain quick access to a wealth of information, depending on the firm’s preference.

"I like the online chat service option. In a busy world, it is much easier for me to chat with someone online by messenger rather than on the phone. It means I can still work and take phone calls whilst messaging LEAP Support.”

With access to a comprehensive library of auto-populated legal content, seamless software integrations and easy matter management, Peta and her team are able to work with utmost efficiency.

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