Provide superior client service


Streamline client on-boarding

Gather all the information you need to start the on-boarding process when your clients provide their details via a simple online form. These intake forms give you a convenient and user-friendly way to accurately collect your clients’ information.

Clients can provide their details directly through your Web Portal, giving you more time to have meaningful conversations with clients during scheduled appointments, and spend less time tending to formalities. Once completed, their information can be easily imported into LEAP as a matter, allowing you to get to work faster.

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Don’t miss out on potential work

Take advantage of the Web Portal’s client management tools to streamline your enquiries:

  • Easily respond to new client enquiries with e-mail templates.
  • Never miss an enquiry when you log all your prospective client calls and e-mails.
  • Update the status of enquiries so you know when to follow-up.
  • Easily view all your enquiries from any device.
  • Create a card in LEAP with information provided in an enquiry.

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Collaborate on documents

With LEAP and LawConnect you can securely share and collaborate on documents with your clients in real time. With your documents securely stored on Amazon Web Services, you can easily request your client’s signature or reply directly to comments left on shared documents.

Easy appointment scheduling

Let your clients easily schedule appointments around your real-time availabilities from any device. Easily reschedule, cancel or amend appointments directly from your dedicated appointments dashboard or send booking confirmation and reminders to your clients via SMS.

Accept online payments

Get paid smarter with your firm’s own online payment portal. Let your clients pay invoices via credit card, BPAY and EFT or receive trust money using the anticipated trust deposit feature. Minimise time spent chasing debtors when you take advantage of automated payment reminders.


One click client referrals

Take advantage of the Web Portal’s tools to streamline your client referrals:

  • Providing current clients with the ‘Refer a Friend’ function in Web Portal
  • Have the choice to reward your current clients for referrals they direct to your firm
  • Follow your referrals and streamline client on-boarding
  • Easily view all of your referrals from any device
  • Create a card in LEAP with information provided in a referral

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Communicate and collaborate with clients 24/7

Improve the client experience by providing a platform where your clients can easily share documents, refer a friend to your firm, schedule appointments, and pay their bills all in one place.

  • Provide superior legal client service
  • Manage and update referrals from prospective clients.
  • Streamline client on-boarding with online forms to capture new client information
  • Reduce the error associated with manually entering your clients’ information
  • Allow your clients to easily schedule or manage their appointments around your real-time availabilities from any device.
  • Track the status of your leads as well as log follow-up calls and e-mails.
  • Accept both trust and office deposits with your firm’s own online payment portal.
  • Customise your e-mail signature to direct clients to your firm’s Web Portal.