LEAP supports Mitrataa Foundation

Improving the lives of women and girls in Nepal through education.

Mitrataa Foundation, a registered non-profit organization, was established by Adam and Bec Ordish after they worked as volunteer English teachers in Nepal in 2000.

Everyday living in Nepal made them realise just how lucky they were and inspired them to try to provide opportunities for education for particularly needy children and so give Nepal's poor an opportunity which was previously beyond their wildest dreams - an education.

There is a close association between LEAP and Mitrataa Foundation. Two of the current directors of the Foundation are also employees of LEAP and two are ex-employees of LEAP. LEAP encourages staff to get involved in some way through the activities of the Social Committee.

One of the first projects the Mitrataa Foundation undertook was organising scholarships for girls to attend school - "Dream Catchers Scholarships". Something that Australians take for granted, an education, is out of reach for so many of these girls but since October 2006 Mitrataa Foundation has made this dream come true for 102 girls.

This is an ongoing project and we hope that every year we can increase the number of girls that receive the chance to follow their dreams.

Mitrataa Foundation

Some of the other projects we are working on include:

  • Teacher Training Programs
  • Model School
  • Women in Journalism
  • Pets as Therapy
  • Daisy Chains - Empowering Nepal's Women
  • Branding and Intellectual Property Training

The Foundation works closely with local organisations to make these projects a reality.
You can read more about these projects and the Foundation generally at www.mitrataa.org.

If you would like to find out more or think you can help in some way visit www.mitrataa.org or email adam@mitrataa.org.