Legal guides and precedents

By Lawyers is designed to help you find precise answers quickly. With over 5,500 precedents, and over 150 end-to-end matter plans, By Lawyers offers practical and professional guidance for all major areas of law.

Administered by a team of over 40 Australian legal professionals, you can be confident that your content is kept up-to-date. Whatever your area of specialisation, there are By Lawyers precedents, commentaries and reference materials to help you work faster and smarter.

  • Access By Lawyers directly from your matters with seamless LEAP integration
  • Save time with forms and precedents that are automatically populated with matter information
  • Use matter plans to map your matter’s usual progression with links to precedents and commentary along the way
  • Find answers to more complicated questions with reference materials
  • Easily learn how to conduct each step of a matter with commentaries

Easily produce documents

Reduce the risk of error associated with manual data entry with over 5,500 integrated precedents drafted by practising lawyers. Using LEAP integration, precedents are automatically populated with matter information. Regardless of you area of practice, there are By Lawyers precedents for all common areas of law.

Quickly find answers

Locate the answers to your questions faster with By Lawyers commentaries written by practising Australian lawyers. With access to relevant legislation and cases directly from your LEAP matter, commentaries give you detailed information on applicable law and procedure for each matter type.

Work confidently

With access to 150 matter plans, you can confidently work on your clients’ matters from start to finish. Matter plans integrate with By Lawyers commentary, precedents and forms directly from your LEAP matter to streamline your workflow and provide a clear path for matter progression.