It takes 12 minutes to process one document

Documents will always be a key by-product of the work performed by the legal profession. With the ever-increasing need for law firms to offer exceptional client service, finding a way for lawyers and their clients to effectively share and collaborate on documents is now more important than ever. While an effective document management system will ensure your internal documents and correspondence are always organised, how will you keep track of documents you’ve shared with your clients, or that your clients have shared with you?

Lawyers share an average of six documents by email each day. It takes approximately 12 minutes to process a single document; three minutes spent actually using the document and nine minutes spent searching, retrieving and filing. How often have you e-mailed a document to a client, for that client to then e-mail revisions or suggestions version back to you? You then download that document, make the necessary changes and proceed with re-saving a new version of the document before sending it to the client for review again. The time you spend on this process can be reduced far more easily than you may expect.

How to securely share your documents

With data stored on servers powered by Amazon Web Services, a Web Portal provides you with a secure way to share and collaborate on documents directly with your clients. While the Web Portal provides a range of features including intake forms, flexible payment options and online appointment booking, one of its most practical benefits is its secure document sharing capability.

Powered by LawConnect, the Web Portal allows you to securely share documents directly from your LEAP matters. Once a document has been shared, both you and your client can use the comment and reply features to suggest document changes. You can also see when a client has viewed a document you’ve shared with them and revoke access at any time.

Improve your client service

Similarly, your clients can also upload documents directly to your Web Portal, saving non-billable time spent scanning and uploading documents to your computer. Not only does this save you time, but it provides your clients with transparency around the documents you hold for them for a particular matter. With a Web Portal, your clients will have the convenience to upload their documents at a time that suits them.

Not only does a Web Portal provide you with the means to securely share documents with your client, but it allows you to provide them with exceptional service that increases the overall value of your offering. If you’re regularly corresponding with clients and collecting or sharing documents with them, the Web Portal offers a simple and secure way to improve this process exponentially.


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