As a LEAP client, you have access to a wealth of support options. We want to ensure that you can access support in a way that’s convenient to you, so you can make the most of LEAP. Learn how you can receive the fastest response to your query directly from our experienced LiveChat Consultants.

What is LiveChat?

With an average response time of just 10 seconds, LiveChat is the fastest, most accurate way to receive a response to your query. Based in Sydney, our LiveChat team is made up of accounting professionals, experienced practice managers and IT experts.

It’s the extensive experience of our LiveChat Consultants that ensures your query is answered as fast as possible. With dedicated accounting, technical and document specialists in the team, using LiveChat means that your query is immediately directed to the most experienced Consultant in the subject area.

We sat down with some of our LiveChat Consultants to find out how you can make the most of LiveChat.

Your LEAP accounting expert

Diana has seen the introduction of many of LEAP’s greatest innovations, from LEAP Office v10, to LEAP Cloud, she’s well acquainted with all of LEAP’s features. As an Accounting Subject Matter Expert, you’ll often chat with Diana if you have a question about LEAP’s office or trust accounting features.

We asked Diana about the benefit of using LiveChat:

“To make the most out of LEAP, our clients can use a range of support resources, but LiveChat ensures their queries can be answered immediately, without having to wait for a call back. Questions can be answered on the spot.”

Meet your document specialist

With strong technical skills and extensive knowledge of LEAP’s documents and automation features, you’ll often find Eric answering your queries about precedents, merge fields and documents. If you ever need a hand navigating LEAP’s up-to-date legal content, Eric is always ready to assist via LiveChat.

We spoke to Eric about his role as a LEAP document specialist:

“I enjoy educating our clients on how to use merge fields so that they can make precedents that automatically populate with the information in their LEAP matter.”

Introducing your technical expert

Mathew’s keen interest in computer networking and extensive skills in software and hardware troubleshooting make him one of the LiveChat team’s go-to technical consultants.

Providing support to the Sydney-based LiveChat team, if you’re not chatting with Matthew directly, you’ll often find him behind the scenes, assisting other consultants to answer your technical queries.

We asked Mathew about his top tip for using LiveChat:

“If you’re using LiveChat, consider sending through any screenshots you may have. This can help us resolve your query quickly and avoids any downtime, so you can continue to work.”

Featuring a team of over 20 experienced consultants with expertise in all areas of LEAP, LiveChat ensures you get the fastest, most accurate response to your query.

Find out more about LiveChat here.