If the COVID-19 pandemic has reaffirmed anything, it’s that being agile and having the ability to adapt quickly is key to running a successful law firm. Law firms that fail to remain agile are quickly left behind. With extensive, consumer-driven competition in the legal services market, law firms that fail to adapt to the needs of clients – potential or existing, adopt technology that drives productivity and flexibility or implement systems that allow practitioners to serve their clients from anywhere, at any time, will quickly encounter resistance from both their clients and staff.

No law firm will survive if it does not urgently adopt the digital practices that the circumstances now demand.

– Richard Hugo-Hamman, author of The 11 Habits of Successful Law Firms

From the inside, it can often be hard to tell whether your firm is truly agile. If you’re working with systems you’ve happily had in place for countless years it can be difficult to identify areas for improvement. However, successful, agile law firms don’t wait for something to break to fix it – they remain flexible and are always ready to adapt.

To help you identify areas where your firm could be more agile, we’ve created a two minute quiz to help you stay ahead.