There’s a threat that your firm is likely to be already facing that you’re probably not even aware of. You’re not alone though – with many firms failing to even recognise this threat until it is too late. Complacency is easily the most overlooked threat to any law firm. Even firm’s that are currently enjoying growth and success are not immune.

Overcoming complacency

You may be thinking that because your firm already has a steady flow of clients and work at the moment that you can relax. However, could you readily provide an answer to this question if you were put on the spot – what makes your firm different?

If you’re still thinking about the answer to that question, you may in fact be complacent with your firm’s current performance as a business. Firms that experience long-term success are those that differentiate themselves. While ‘differentiation’ has long been a buzz-word, it still holds true that that differentiation is in fact key to any firm’s ongoing success. It is nearly impossible to gain a competitive edge without dedication to your firm’s unique value proposition. If you are not sure where to begin, you may like to consider the following tips.

Adopt self-service technology

Adopting legal practice management software like LEAP is your firm’s answer to meeting clients’ increasingly high standards and providing them with self-service capability. This new approach to client support is a way to keep your clients engaged with your firm and provide them with the experience they want. Functions available to you in LEAP ensure that your clients’ needs are met in an interactive and collaborative way.

By the time someone calls your firm, you have already missed a chance to provide a solution. With an online self-service platform like the LEAP Web Portal, a prospective client is able to contact your firm online either via an enquiry form or appointment booking system in an efficient manner. With countless productivity-boosting features and time-saving tools in LEAP, you can reduce non-billable time and focus on your clients.

Self-service software can act as your virtual 24/7 assistant. Clients can access your firm outside of regular business hours and from anywhere around the world. Using the LEAP Web Portal enables potential clients to get in touch with your firm easily, book appointments, view price lists and enter their personal information through online Client Intake Forms – eliminating the need to attend appointments early in the matter, particularly if you’re yet to issue a costs agreement or retainer.

Many of the features available through self-service help to improve your workflow, as the client does the work for you. You can streamline your data entry and reduce mundane tasks by capturing enquiries outside of business hours and getting your clients to fill out necessary information prior to their appointment with you.

Another draw-card is firm efficiency. Research indicates online client intake forms save a whopping 15 mins of administrative time per matter. Using the LEAP Web Portal, clients can easily complete their intake forms online in their own time. Having your client intake forms integrated with LEAP also reduces the time that would otherwise be spent manually entering data, and further reduces the potential for entry error.

For your firm, the benefits of adopting self-service technology are endless. Not only do you establish yourself as an industry leader but you have the ability to significantly reduce your non-billable hours.

Be transparent in all your actions

To make informed decisions, having the necessary information available and easy to access is key. LEAP’s in-built document management solution lets you create, store and share documents with clients, and allows for complete transparency on matter correspondence.

When using the LEAP Web Portal, you have the ability to display your prices to current and potential clients. By displaying your prices, you will provide consumers with a broader vision of your firm and a chance for them to determine value for money.

Features such as online payments are almost expected of your firm, so why not provide clients with the experience they are seeking? Exclusively integrated with LEAP, RapidPay is the legal profession’s trusted provider of financial services. By using RapidPay, you can easily receive online payments from clients as well as send payment reminders to minimise overdue invoices. With the option for clients to pay via credit card, BPAY, EFT and payment plans, RapidPay lets you offer your clients flexible payment options and an easy to use account reconciliation platform.

Become experts in client service

It’s an old adage and for good reason – but clients will remember the service you provide more than the price. So how do you come out on top? Show courtesy in every interaction and provide them with modern-day conveniences.

Providing excellent client service and giving your clients an easy-to-use, self-service platform like the LEAP Web Portal is essential in increasing the likelihood of your clients to refer their friends, family and colleagues to your firm. Built-in to the Web Portal, the ‘refer a friend’ function allows these referrals to take place. Firms can then choose to reward clients for their referrals and keep track of referrals from any device with LEAP installed.

From the moment the clients walk through the door, keep the client fully and repeatedly informed about the progress of their matter. By doing so, you will consistently demonstrate the value of your firm and your services to your clients. In adopting a self-service platform like the LEAP Web Portal, your firm is able to enact client service online. This convenience allows clients to stay informed on the progress of their matter, share and collaborate on documents, pay their invoices and book appointments with your firm.