There are many reasons why having a good website is crucial for modern law firms. It has arguably never been more important given the current pandemic conditions we find ourselves in.

While you cannot make a good impression in person, you can tell a story about who you are and what differentiates your firm from others through your website.

If the statistics don’t alarm you, nothing will. Simply having a website that was built five years ago which has not been upgraded to meet the demands of today’s world, is not good enough. A good law firm website must have strong attributes to have a competitive advantage – have a great look, be reliable and functional, have easy-to-use navigation, be secure, and have good maintenance systems to ensure optimal performance.

In a competitive market, an outdated and under-performing website will not generate the leads you want to convert into quality clients. A website must evolve in line with technology and what potential clients are looking for.

Your website is your ‘24/7 online shop’ and therefore must have essential features to help drive customers to your site. If your website is not up to scratch and you need some help, download our free eBook on 12 Website Essentials to help you get started.

Our eBook discusses 12 essential elements your website must have to ensure you are attracting leads and the right quality of work. Having a robust law firm website is a powerful online tool, which acts as an unpaid fee earner – well presented, knowledgeable, value-adding information, an expert in the legal field and readily available to answer questions.

Your website should be your number one marketing asset and an investment that is often ignored when running a law firm. Having experience working with hundreds of law firms globally, we find one common mistake – the power of websites is underestimated.

Your website should be a lead generator for new business. If you’re not looking for more work because you are already at capacity, but would like better work, your website can help filter the type of work you get simply by your branding, positioning and overall messaging. Either way, your website is the leveraging tool that will help grow your business to the next level.

With the exponential increase in remote working and online shopping, an outdated website could mean that you’re relying on the estimated 4 percent of consumers that don’t do their initial research on the web. The bottom line is, if you’re not doing all you can to turn your website into a fine-tuned lead generator, then you’re losing a significant share of the legal market to your competitors.

Lift Legal Marketing are a law firm marketing agency. We formulate effective marketing strategies for busy lawyers to help them grow their practice through digital marketing, e-newsletters, and quality content. We build, host, and manage law firm websites for optimum performance and conversion with the visitor and user in mind. If you want more leads and are serious about turning your most valued marketing asset into a lead generator, call Peter on 1300 881 811 or email

About the Author

Peter Heazlewood is a Director at Lift Legal Marketing and the go-to person in law firm marketing nationally. Peter draws on his experience as a practicing lawyer and Managing Partner of a progressive law firm for over 25 years. Having the industry know-how means he can share valuable insights on how to generate leads based on what works best for your firm.