It's Easy to Make the Smart Switch

Why switch?

The key to an efficient and profitable practice is having the right tools to help you work smarter and not harder. The best tool a lawyer can have is an efficient practice management platform like LEAP.

The LEAP practice management platform makes it fast and easy for legal practitioners to manage matter documents, accounting and billing, so they can focus on practicing law.

LEAP allows you to:

  • Work with “real time data” to instantly access your client details
  • Improve communication and client service within your firm
  • Reduce the risk of error and duplication of work
  • Increase productivity in your firm
  • Reduce your IT costs
  • Work efficiently and collaboratively across matters
  • Work remotely anywhere, anytime with LEAP mobile applications
  • Have peace of mind that your data is safe with Amazon servers based in Australia
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We make it easy to switch to LEAP

Switching to a different practice management system can be daunting. It is natural to be concerned about the potential disruption to your business and worried about the management of vital data or documents.

When you purchase a new practice management platform, few legal software providers will be able to offer a dedicated team of data migration specialists to help move your confidential information and documents to the new system

LEAP is different

Our team of data specialists and coaches have performed more than 3,000 data transitions. We’ve got the experience to make your switch to LEAP a stress-free experience and we’re here to support your firm through the process.

LEAP will ensure:

  • Your information is successfully moved to LEAP;
  • Your data is moved with minimal disruption;
  • You experience minimal disruption to productivity; and
  • We deliver your data ‘on budget, on time’

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4 Ways to Ensure a Successful Switch to a Modern Solution

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