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Australian HelpDesk

LEAP clients have unlimited access to our HelpDesk in Australia during NSW business hours. Call us
and you will be answered instantly by an experienced Product Consultant in Australia or log a call online
to solve your queries as quickly as possible. Click here to meet the team!

Client Space

Find User Manuals, Videos and Training Guides, System Requirements, FAQ's, Terms and Conditions, Documentation and links to Run Online System Audits as well as Download new Software versions.

LEAP Certified Consultants

Find the right advice for your firm by contacting one of our state based LEAP Certified Consultants.

LEAP Accounting Certified Consultants

Find an MYOB specialist in your state who are experienced with the LEAP software.

IT Partners

Find an IT provider in your state who can provide and advise on computer hardware, networks and communication environments suitable for LEAP.

Whitepapers and Guides

Find numerous guides and whitepapers specifically created to help small law firms and start ups
grow their firms.

Social Media

Follow the Forms Blog to stay up to date with any changes to legal forms, connect with us on Twitter for instant software alerts, subscribe to YouTube for new Training and Information Videos or follow the CEO’s Blog, LinkedIn or Google+ pages to stay connected to what’s happening at LEAP and the legal profession.

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