Experts in their field, our affiliates can help you with a range of extra services to help grow and manage your firm.

Legal Bookkeepers Institute

Legal Bookkeepers Institute |  0411 101 123  |  | 

The Legal Bookkeepers Institute was established to provide law firms with a convenient and affordable way to learn about trust accounting. The purpose of which is to protect your clients interests and your firms reputation.

The Legal Bookkeepers Course is practical, non-academic and interactive and uses examples from real practice in small firms. The sessions will include compliance with legislation and outline the records to be maintained by a law practice, the information recorded on those records and the reports required to be produced.


By Lawyers Mentor  |  02 4858 0619  |

By Lawyers Mentor is a confidential service provided by By Lawyers where you can have your questions answered by experts in the common areas of law.

If you are a lawyer in a solo or small firm, or even in a larger firm without ready access to a senior lawyer or partner, you might not have access to someone with the knowledge and experience to help you to get unstuck. Often your question is a practical one and not the type of thing you would ask a Barrister. You also want your question and the answer to be confidential. And you need an answer quite quickly.

By Lawyers Mentor covers all the common areas of law and is a firm subscription, so anyone in your firm is entitled to use it. There is no limit to the number of questions you may ask.

Team Leasing

Team Leasing  |  1300 798 977  |

Team Leasing is a market leader in tailoring finance for business equipment solutions, meeting the needs of both customers and suppliers alike. They develop sales aid financing programs for technology equipment and software that stimulate growth by providing a cost effective and easy way for your customers to acquire equipment or services. Their objective is to give your business measurable value in terms of increased orders and opportunities for margin growth.

Team Leasing also specialise in helping businesses grow by providing quick, simple and competitive finance and leasing solutions for business related equipment and motor vehicles.

Smart Law Marketing

Smart Law Marketing  |  0407 018 109  |

Smart Law Marketing is a specialised consulting business providing marketing and management advice and services to small and medium law firms around Australia and New Zealand.

In summary, our various services assist the management of firms, manage their growth, improve their financial performance, formulate and execute proven marketing plans, provide marketing 'turn-key' services and help career path their staff.

Our key products and services include:

  • On-Site Visits - ongoing marketing & management consultancy to your firm
  • Skype Meetings - consulting for regional or the very small law firms
  • Office Manager Forums - a new concept for Office Managers to share and learn
  • Website Hosting and Design - for any ongoing maintenance help
  • Database & Marketing Software - revolutionary new software tailor made for law firms
  • We Write Your Newsletter Service - for those with no time to do it!
  • Our 'Inner Circle' eNewsletter - where discounts and 'early-bird' offers are made
  • Webinars and Upcoming Seminars - on law firm management and marketing

To watch a short 2-3 minute video describing our services in more detail, visit

Red Rain

Red Rain  |  02 9262 4396  |  | 

Red Rain is an established systems consulting and software development business specialising in the needs of the legal profession and have been working with LEAP since 2009.

The company provides a number of products and services that complement LEAP Office only:
  • RedView Client Portal : Provides your clients with secure internet access to specified matters and documents.
  • RedView Convey: Provides secure mobile phone access for conveyancing clients.
  • RedView Mobile Lawyer: iPhone and iPad access for lawyers and staff.

LEAP in the cloud clients also have access to Custom Reporting: Red Rain can build specific, custom designed reports for you.

Secure Print

Secure Print  |  02 9317 5500  |

Secure Print is accredited by the Australian Payments Clearing Association as a producer of cheques of the highest quality and with all the latest security features needed to minimise the growing risks of tampering and cheque fraud. In a joint development, LEAP Accounting is pre-configured to work with cheques produced by Secure Print so their software and cheques work well together.

To make it easy for you Secure Print obtains Bank Approval on your behalf at no extra charge and guarantees that your cheques will be APCA Publication 11.5.1 compliant.

Peapod LegalOffice

Peapod LegalOffice  |  084 5683 2517  |  | 

Peapod LegalOffice is the most popular cloud or server based legal software solution in the UK for small law firms that practice in the common areas of law.

With many powerful productivity tools, you will get more work done with the same number of people and meet your compliance requirements as a natural consequence of having a well organised firm. Case Management, Accounts, Time Recording, Billing and more is all at your fingertips.

Bizibody Technology

Bizibody Technology  |  +65 6521 7020  |

Bizibody Technology is a specialist practice management and legal technology consultancy serving law practices, corporate legal departments, bar associations, the Attorney-General's Chambers and the Singapore Law Courts.

Operating out of offices in Singapore and Malaysia, Bizibody Consultants are former lawyers, practice managers and IT specialists with in-depth industry knowledge of the work processes and business challenges facing law practices today.

Bizibody Technology

CPD for Me  |  1300 273 463  |  | 

CPD for Me specialises in assisting solo and smaller law firms by providing a simple and easy online eLearning platform for you to obtain and track your mandatory MCLE / MCPD points including the three compulsory subjects and is available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Subscribers can access over 100 on-demand seminar videos or participate in weekly webinars which showcase a variety of industry experts with proven results, experience and the unique ability to share their knowledge in a practical, simple and concise way.