Add-On Products

When you become a LEAP client there are a variety of
value add-on products available to you.

By Lawyers

Guides and Precedents
for small law firms

The By Lawyers Guides and Precedents provide practical guidance to lawyers in small law firms. It is in effect a ‘one stop shop’ that provides all precedents and letters in sequence, accompanied by explanatory notes on the applicable law that may be required in a matter.


  • Delegate work confidently
  • Practice new areas of law
  • Train staff affordably
  • Automatically merge data from LEAP
  • Reduce practice risks
  • Find answers on the go
  • Guides and precedents are constantly being updated and kept relevant


A quicker way for law
firms to get paid

This add-on is not available in LEAP Office 10.

RapidPay is the only Australian payment system specifically designed for small law firms. RapidPay facilitates multiple payment options such as BPAY® and credit card to ensure clients of law firms can pay their legal bills or deposit trust monies easily and securely.

RapidPay will settle into any Australian Bank, is seamlessly incorporated into LEAP and automatically comes pre-packaged.


  • Improve cashflow
  • Improve workflow
  • Save money
  • Maintain bank relationships
  • Stay compliant
  • Win new clients

AccountRight online

Powerful accounting
and payroll

This add-on is not available in
LEAP Office 10.

Over 1.2 million businesses trust MYOB to make business life easier and is the preferred accounting software for small business owners. MYOB delivers great value today, and on-going with continued updates and enhancements.

The integration between AccountRight and LEAP makes it easy for your firm to stay ahead. All your finances and business information are up to date and in one place, available when and where you want. Through the LEAP General Ledger Link, all Office Accounting transaction journals generated within LEAP will be exported seamlessly into MYOB’s cloud-based AccountRight.

Once set up, the bank feeds feature in the MYOB AccountRight allows users to link their bank account to save time on data entry and bank reconciliations. A range of other smart features help securely store bills, take payments and make compliance easier.



Online accounting software
that’s designed specifically
for small businesses.

This add-on is not available in LEAP Office 10.

Xero | LEAP Add-On

It's all online, so you can work when and where you want to. Just login with your PC, Mac or mobile. Your bank statements are automatically imported and categorized, letting you see your cashflow in realtime.

Invite your team and work together on financials. You can collaborate over your up-to-date numbers. Xero has all you need to run your business - including invoicing, paying bills, sales tax returns, reporting and much more.

Using the combination of LEAP and Xero, legal professionals and support staff can do all the time recording, legal billing and trust accounting and your firm can use part-time bookkeeping resources, working from anywhere, to look after your General Ledger, BAS and payroll requirements.


Integrated online searching.

This add-on is available with LEAP in the cloud
and LEAP Office.

InfoTrack provides compelling advantages for your day to day searching needs

  • Full national service for all Property, Corporate and Personal searches
  • Easy to use system that requires no training
  • Competitive pricing with no upfront or ongoing fees
  • One monthly bill for searches
  • Fully integrated with LEAP
  • Searches are ordered in LEAP Documents
  • Searches are then automatically saved back into the matter
  • All disbursements are automatically captured by LEAP Accounting.
InfoTrack | LEAP Add-On


File archiving management
for law firms and
conveyancing practices.

This add-on is available with LEAP in the cloud and LEAP Office.

FileMan | LEAP Add-On

Traditional file archiving where you store and pay for boxes may be suitable for large firms with lots of staff but just leads to confusion and clutter in a small law firm with few resources.

FileMan is a file archiving solution especially for small law firms that integrates with LEAP and makes it extremely convenient and easy for you to take care of physical files. Instead of wasting time creating an alternative closed file catalogue or database, you use your LEAP database and FileMan online catalogue to manage your closed files.

This catalogue is automatically created for you as part of the FileMan service and is automatically linked to the Electronic Matter in LEAP. You have online access to your file catalogue and retrieval history anywhere, anytime.

Red View

A collaboration and mobility
platform for LEAP

This add-on is available with LEAP Office only.

  • Share information with your clients and associates
  • Give your lawyers access LEAP information via their mobile device
  • Purpose built apps
  • A customisable Internet portal.
  • Easy to install
  • Secure and robust

RedView consists of two products, RedView Mobile Lawyer, which allows your lawyers and staff to access information via their iPad or iPhone and RedView Client Portal, which allows your client and associates to access selected matter information via the web as well as their mobile devices.

RedView Promo Video | RedView Brochure | RedView Client Portal Brochure

RedView | LEAP Add-On

Nuance Equitrac Professional

Gain control over cost recovery
and document expenses

This add-on is available with LEAP in the cloud and LEAP Office.

Equitrac Professional integration with LEAP provides matter number validation at the MFP (Multi-Function Printer or Photocopier) and desktop for cost recovery of print, copy, fax, scan, email and other disbursements. Equitrac Professional will seamlessly post every captured cost recovery transaction, against the matter in LEAP.

Nuance Equitrac Professional | LEAP Add-On


  • Reduce costs, increase security and eliminate waste
  • Track, allocate and integrate all billable client expenses automatically
  • Add security and convenience with authentication to release print jobs
  • Enforce internal rules to reduce total print volume
  • Convert scanned documents to a searchable and editable format for improved archiving, discovery and productivity

For more information information contact:
Derek Lawton
Professional Solutions Manager
Nuance Communications
Office: +61294342340 | Mobile: +61499141788

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